Racers are a strange breed. If you ask a newlywed racer what he or she wants as a housewarming gift, they will reply, "Tire money". It’s our obsession, and it is that singlemindedness of purpose that defines and shapes the competitive spirit of every good racer. From birthday card money as a teenager to the industry support available to all riders and eventually corporate sponsorship with brand marketing strategies that support large teams, it all goes into racing. So whether you want to come out and cheer Tommy on at a local race, put your corporate logo on his bike, a patch on his suit or anything in the middle, be assured that supporting his racing endeavors is deeply appreciated.

Racing is an expensive undertaking. 

Tires, fuel, transportation, race entries, practice fees, crash repair (unfortunately), etc..it can really add up. Any support you could give would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about supporting Tommy, send an email through the contact page.

How You Can Help

Donate to Tommy's race program through his Paypal account. Every little bit helps

What You Can Get

From pit passes to actual rides on the back of a Superbike, supporting Tommy means you are a part of a family. Come on out and be part of the Team!

If desired, Woodbury can run your logo and promote your business. For more information on a sponsorship program, please email us via the contact page.


One of the benefits of working with AP MotoArts is the amazing team that brings a wide range of professional talents and an extensive network of skills and contacts that are available to everyone. The team works relentlessly to find value in the relationships it builds, but be warned, there is a good chance there will be a motorcycle ride in your future.