I Did It! / CVMA 2014/15 Round 1

Exactly two years to the weekend after I began racing, I am incredibly excited to say I won my first race! In Sundays Formula Twins race with the CVMA I took the top step of the podium for my very first time. After working so hard at this sport for what feels like such a long time, this is one of the proudest moments of my life.

I took the lead at the end of the first lap, hoping to lead for as long as I could, but was expecting someone to pass me eventually. I had never even lead a race, surely I wouldn't lead for very long. After a few laps I began thinking, "where is everyone? Did something happen? I can't be in the lead, I must have missed a red flag." However, as the race continued and the white flag came out, I realized that I was legitimately leading the race with only one lap remaining. As I came around the final corner and saw the checkered flag waving and still no one ahead of me I completely broke down. I'm willing to admit that I cried like a BABY. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced.

I have put so much of myself into this sport and to have it pay off has been the most rewarding experience in the world. But I didn't do it alone. The friends I have made in this community are by far the greatest and most supportive people I have ever met. I have no doubt that without the support of certain individuals, I would NOT have made it to where I am today. I really need to thank the entire AP MotoArts team, Dustin Coyner, Sofia Amadio, John Reynolds, Josh Fogle, Aimee Grana and everyone else who has supported me over the past two years. Thank you to Andrew Zabzdyr for getting on my ass about training, it has certainly made me a better racer. I want to give special thank you's to my Crew Chief and mentor Andy Palmer, my mechanic and best friend Omar El Mechanic "O," and of course my Mom and Dad for always being there and believing in me, even when I didn't. You guys made all the difference.