About Tommy

Tommy Woodbury is a talented, dedicated motorcycle roadracer who rides for one of the largest and most successful teams on the west coast. Relatively new to the sport, he showed strong natural ability and unbounded enthusiasm when he joined AP MotoArts as a rookie rider in 2012. He quickly found the pace to run at the front of both the novice and expert fields. He is currently being coached as a development rider in several series to acquire racecraft and track knowledge for his professional debut next season.

"I've had a love for motorcycles from a young age. When I was 17 I got my first motorcycle. I attended a track day a few months later and I was hooked. I know I am lucky to love the thing I want to do for a living, and I am doing what it takes to make that a reality.”

Racing Resume

June 2008

Purchased first motorcycle.

October 2008

First trackday.

November 2008 - August 2012

Attended coaching programs and schools.

September 2012

Completed New Racer School with TrackDaz. Competed for the first time with the CVMA.

October 2012

First amateur race win. Received expert license.

March 2014

Competed in the first round of the AFM 2014 series.

September 2014

First win as an expert.

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